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Nebraska Bead SocietyAugust 2009 Newsletter

The next deadline for this newsletter is September 1. Send your tips, tricks and stories to Thanks in advance and see you at the next meeting, August 20!

NEBR. STATE FAIR - Demonstrators are needed at our table at the Nebraska State Fair, Saturday, August 29, 10 am to 2 pm. Volunteer to get a free gate pass! Contact President Mary Reifschneider to sign up.

STATE FAIR ENTRIES – There's still time to enter this last Lincoln fair! Log on to and click on the Entry Book/Forms tab. It's free, so enter!DUES - A gentle reminder… $18 yearly dues were due in June. Send checks to Nebraska Bead Society, PO Box 30633, Lincoln, NE 68503. Or better yet, come to our next meeting, August 20!

LIBRARY – Due to an unfortunate, heartbreaking house fire at Librarian Nan Henry's house, our complete library along with Nan's beads and beading supplies, was totally lost. Members pitched in with bead donations, and Mona Jenkins even brought past issues of beading magazines and books from her own library. She also donated a beautiful tote to hold bead donations for Nan. You can donate magazines and books, as well as beads for Nan any time. Bring items to the next meeting!Secretary/Editor Sharon Ritchey has written to several bead artists and publishing companies for donations of books to revive our library. If you have any suggestions of anyone to contact, please feel free to contact Sharon with addresses,

FREE BEADS - Sharon has been in contact with Art Beads who has offered to send free beads for us to try. Art Beads is asking us to provide feedback on the beads, and we may send pictures of the projects we have made. The beads should be available for distribution at the August meeting. SO… If you would like to try some beads for free, come to the meeting!

AUGUST MEETING – Just in case you missed the supply list for the dodecahedron project Mary Goddard is presenting for the August meeting… Crystal Fireline 6 lb. or 8 lb. test (if using dark beads Smoke fireline will also work), beading needle, 30 round beads between 4mm and 8mm (all 30 beads should be the same color and size), bead mat, paper for notes.

FALL WORKSHOP – We talked about doing a "bead-in" perhaps for the November meeting. We could purchase or download a workshop, get together and have a wonderful time! Get busy out there on the web and come up with suggestions for a workshop.MORE WORKSHOPS/SHOWS* Jan Jackson announced the Ironwood Boutique, a show and sale in Omaha to be held on November 21 with a snow date of November 22. Admission will be cans of food to be donated to the Food Bank. For more information, contact Jan at*

Jodie Marshall is doing her first Studio 49 workshop. The first date has totally filled, so a second date, August 16, has been scheduled. Contact her at for more information.

MEMBER PROFILE – President Mary Reifschneider… Hi to all bead members! I had tried Indian looming (with cub scouts) and wanted to do more. Someone in my doctor's waiting room had on a beautiful bracelet, and I asked if she had made it or bought it. She turned and everything she had on, earrings, necklace and bracelet, was coordinated. She was April Stevenson, and she invited me to check out the bead society. She was the president at that time. That was several years back now, and I have enjoyed being part of this group while it grew. I love to share my enjoyment of beading and always seem to find something new to do. There is just never enough time to do it.

CALENDARAugust 20 – "Dodecahedron" presented by Mary Goddard

September 17 – Charlene Zweerink will present a beaded dragonfly project.

October 5 – Bead Bazaar, Lincoln, Lancaster Building

October 15 – April Stevenson will present the bead restorers from the Nebraska State Historical Museum.

April 10, 2010 – Bead Bazaar, OmahaOctober 10, 2010 – Bead Bazaar, LincolnOctober 16-17, 2010 - Sherry Sarafini Workshop. Stay tuned for more info!


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