Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meeting this Thursday!

Eastmont...66th and "O" Street area, 2nd floor.  7:00 p.m.  I have this info from Gail:

This month  I will be showing how to do a couple of Kumihimo braids. This is really just 
showing the technique rather than an actual project, so don't worry  too much about the 
supplies. I have small foam braiding disks that will  be available for $1.25. You will need to bring a total of 8 yards of  yarn, preferably 2 colors or more of a similar, medium weight 
(but don't  get too crazy about this, bring what you have). That's all you really need  to get 
started, but it would be helpful if you have 8 plastic bobbins or cheap foam curlers from the 
dollar store(just something to roll up extra  yarn onto), and some kind of clip for a weight(I think the one I use is  sold as a frig. magnet, again from the dollar store). I will bring someextra yarn too, so even if you don't have any of these supplies, come and  give it a try.  So 
to recap:  
> Bring:
> $1.25 or braiding disk
> 8 yards of yarn in 2 or more colors        
> 8 bobbins OR 8 foam curlers
> some kind of clip or weight
 Hope to see most of you soon! Gail May

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