Monday, May 28, 2012

7389HNebraska Bead Society

May 17, 2012

Call to Order: President, Jodie Marshall, called the meeting to order.

Minutes: The minutes of the April 2012 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Treasurer's Report: Coleen gave the Treasurer's Report.  Jeanette Cook’s airfare has already been paid.

Librarian's Report: Nan brought books available for check out.

Old Business: 
            The dates for the Jeanette Cook workshop:
            Saturday July 21, 2012 Geometry Lariat, 10am-5pm
            Sunday July 22, 2012 Aurora Borealis (in morning) 10am-5pm
                        Mastering the Curl (in the afternoon)
            Monday Optional Workshop: specifics to follow
            Location: 6900 L Street
Members were reminded to complete "homework", an odd count tubular peyote bead tube, for the Aurora Borealis Cuff prior to the class.

New Business:
Bead Bazaar, October 13, 2012
April asked for a bazaar committee to be formed to address topics such as member sales, potluck lunch.  Mona, Mary and Jodie volunteered.
It was decided to keep vendor booth rental the same rate.

Sheldon Art Gallery Jodie announced she was teaching a class on basic stringing on 5/29/12 at Sheldon.  Sheldon Gallery also currently has a glass exhibition.

June 21, 2012                       Joan - Dimensional bezel
July 19, 2012                         Kathi – crystal bracelet
August 16, 2012                   Jodie- triangles and squares, peyote
Sept 20, 2012                       Sharon and Pam -
Oct 18, 2012                          Mona -
Nov 15, 2012                         Jenny - pinwheel earrings
Dec 20, 2012                         Christmas meeting

There being no further business, the business meeting was adjourned.  Gail presented a lesson on Kumihimo.

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