Monday, September 17, 2012

Meeting Week!

Meeting this Thursday, 7:00 p.m., Eastmont Towers, Floor 2.  From Pam and Sharon:

Hello! Here are supply lists for our projects. We had difficulty deciding which 
to do, so we have the luxury of two meetings, we are presenting all three: 
Caterpillar Bracelet, African Tube Necklace and the Tila Twin Wiggle Bracelet 
for frosting. We will concentrate on the Caterpillar Bracelet at the Sept. 
meeting. Jeanne Wilson/Perennial Buttons will be on hand with a selection of 
buttons for your shopping pleasure. A supply of the tubing  for the African 
necklace will be available. We used that fantastic tape with the red backing and 
will have some available to get you started.

Caterpillar Bracelet
Seed beads in sizes 6, 8 and 11
Button for clasp
Size D Nymo

African Tube Necklace
3/8" tubing
1/2" double sided tape
Size 11 seed beads, 3 or 4 colors
Embellishment beads (optional)
Size D Nymo
Clasp, button or beaded toggle

Tila Twin Wiggle Bracelet
5 yards of 6 lb. Fireline
Tila beads
Twin beads in 2 colors
Clasp, button or beaded toggle

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