Sunday, November 6, 2016

NBS October 2016 minutes

7389Nebraska Bead Society

October 20, 2016

Call to Order: President, Kim D., called the meeting to order.

Treasurer’s Report:  Kathi gave the Treasurer’s Report.

New Business:
Members were asked to consider if the organization should participate in the Gem and Mineral Show next year.  The show will be on April 1 (9am to 6pm) and April 2 (10am to 5pm).  Table registration would be $60.  Questions were raised that if we participate there should be more material to hand out to attendees and specifications should be decided upon in advance to determine if members would be allowed to sell at the event.  A member vote will be taken at the November 2016 meeting.
Kim D brought up the topic for discussion to see how members felt about continuing to pay premiums on the organization’s insurance policy.  Charlene stated that when the club was formed, insurance was necessary for a non-profit organization.  Others felt that it may no longer be necessary.  It was decided that more information was necessary to make an informed decision.  Kim will contact the current insurance carrier for further clarification, and Kathi volunteered to call the State Department of Insurance to find out more about any obligation to carry insurance.  Further discussion at the Nov. meeting.
Kim asked Jenny to compile a list of 6 to 8 teachers we might want to consider for 2018.
Laura McCabe 2017 workshop - It was moved, seconded, and approval voted to increase the member cost to $30 per day.  Members may pay at the November meeting.
BYLAWS AMENDMENT: At the July 16, 2015 meeting, it was moved, seconded and approval voted to have past-presidents pay dues in 2016.  It was later pointed out that this change will require a ByLaws change.  While the bylaws are being addressed, it was also recommended to increase the annual dues from $18 to $25.  A 30 day notice is required before bylaws can be changed.  Notice will be sent and voting will occur at the December 15, 2016 meeting.

Upcoming Meetings:

November 17, 2016   Kathi Earrings with Demi beads
December 15, 2016   Christmas Party and ByLaw change vote
January 2017
February 2017           Mona – Bead work surface
March 2017                Kim B
April 2017                   Joan
April 22,23, 2017       Laura McCabe workshop
May 2017                   
June 2017                   Chris
July 2017                    G.I. Gals

As there was no further business, the business meeting was adjourned. Terrie and Pat supplied kits and gave instructions on working with Crystal Clay.  Examples of many possibilities for the use of crystal clay were shared.

Submitted by Jenny Minchow, Secretary

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